Procurement AI Software

01. Our Passion

We are passionate about ensuring your customers find the products they need. Our goal is to ensure your customers leave your store with, at the very least, every product they intended to purchase.

02. Why AI?

We utilize deep neural networks to determine the optimum quantity of product to purchase. You will maintain optimal stock levels to meet customer demand while improving your available shelf space and cash on hand. This will allow you to shelve a larger breadth of products. Allowing you to align your product assortment with your customers' needs.

03. Why NYC?

Automifai is in the heart of New York City (across the street from the Empire State Building). NYC is the AI, data, and financial capital of the world. Talks on current AI and data trends here pioneer the direction AI and data analytics will take throughout the world. This positioning keeps us up to date on the most recent AI trends and best practices. 

04. Helping the Homeless

With the goal of developing real and attainable opportunities for those in need, the founder of Automifai Nicolas Calo is actively pursuing ways to improve the lives of the homeless in NYC. He is working on a project to provide financial and physical resources in a consistent, realistic, and scalable manner. Do not be surprised if you see him sitting with and talking to the homeless in midtown Manhattan.

05. The Future of AI

The Future of AI: AI will have an impact on the knowledge workforce comparable to the effect the tractor, harvester, and irrigation systems had on the farming industry. In 1900 50% of US citizens worked on farms. At the start of the 21st century, only 1% of the US population worked on farms (USDA). But the US produced and continues to produce more agricultural products than any other nation (World Trade Organization). AI has been around since the 1950s. Exponential growth of automation will soon become an extraordinary tool for knowledge workers. If you do not utilize automation, you are running your “farm” (company) manually. If you currently use automation tools which do not utilize AI, you are still running your “farm” with horses. Machines can scan and analyze data 24/7 at a rate unattainable by an employee. To test this, just see if you can solve 127^42 as fast as your computer. If you want to keep running your company without AI, you will not be able to compete with those who utilize this powerful technology.