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Whether your vendor takes 2 days or 3 weeks, our AI will account for variations in lead time.

Minimum Purchase Spend 

Our AI will determine when a purchase is economically optimal, accounting for minimum purchasing thresholds.


Tired of being out of stock due to late deliveries? Our software will review, learn from, and adapt to your vendor's inefficiencies.

Automated Vendor review

Our AI records vendor inefficiencies and alerts your team when a vendor review is necessary.


As your yearly sales increase or decrease, our software will adapt to your changing data points.

Seasonal Variation

In order to make optimal purchase decisions, our AI will learn from past holiday & season trends.

Procurement Artificial Intelligence

Automifai is developing an AI-driven inventory management software for supermarkets & grocery stores. Our software leverages AI to make best in class stock management decisions from your data. This saves you time and money by freeing up your procurement team from monotonous stock management. Allowing them to search for new products, review current contracts & products, and negotiate better prices.


Our Servuces
Our Shared Goals

Integration without Disruption

Maintaining your current level of productivity is very important. We make implementing our AI effortless. Our data integration team will create proper data pipelines to ensure our data requirements are met.

Ready to find out more?

Regardless of your procurement industry, we will create tools to help you meet your customers' ever changing needs.

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